Join Me on a Mission Trip to Nicaragua


Diriamba, Nicaragua Mission Trip

Summer of 2015

 Saturday, June 2o– Saturday, June 27

Total approximate cost for our trip: $1200.00

(*IF airfare is available for approximated cost & we have at least 20 team members, otherwise the price will differ)

Airfare   $700.00

Pick up/drop off at airport   $10.00

Cell phone for group to share  $5.00

Meals  $75.00

Lodging  $48.00

Transportation while there    $85.00

Translators $30.00

Travel insurance    $23.00

Visa fee to enter country   $10.00

T-shirts (2)   $14.00

Supply fee and miscellaneous   $100.00


1st non-refundable deposit of $150 is due by February 23, 2015 2nd deposit of $500 is due by March 23, 2015 3rd & final deposit of $450 is due by May 11, 2015


Sunday February 22, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Sunday April 26, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Sunday June 14, 2015 at 5:00 PM


Variable items not included in the price of the trip & approximate costs:

First time passports: $100

Immunizations: Tetanus, Hepatitis A & B (these last two are a series of shots)

Spending Money:  $100-$200+   (a few meals eaten out; souvenirs; incidentals; love offerings)


Sunrise Baptist Church is very excited to be partnering with Michaelene Beall, the coordinator for all the mission trips taken by First Baptist Church of Conyers to Nicaragua.

Sunrise Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Conyers will be partnering with the ministry called NCO (Nicaraguan Christian Outreach) and is based out of Louisiana.  You can view more about their work and see pictures of the mission house at their website:

  FACILITY:  Michaelene will check into the different options we might have as to locations from which to operate out of.  There is a clinic next door to the mission house, but just by observation, they are operating by pretty regular hours there and we may not be able to use that particular facility. Other teams who have used a covered, but open-air, “pavilion” of sorts under which they conduct their clinics.  The good thing is that the part of Nicaragua where we minister, Diriamba, is 45 minutes south of the capitol and a higher elevation, making it less hot than other areas.  There is usually a cool breeze and working in the shade would be very bearable, no matter what time of year.  Rain, however, would be an issue if it were to come.



TEAM:  This is a partnership with Sunrise Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Conyers. NO MEDICAL EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED!




MISSION HOUSE:  As mentioned above, you can visit the NCO website to see pictures of the house.  It is nice that it’s only about an hour ride by van to the mission house from the airport.  They employ women to cook and clean for us.  They are well versed in what is needed to keep Americans from getting sick and cook with only filtered water.  To say the food is amazing, is an understatement!  The set up of the house is as follows: a central meeting room with the bunk rooms off of it, each room has a different number of bunks but the house sleeps 28 total, each room has a bathroom with a heated shower, all linens are provided, there are washing machines so clothes can be washed & re-worn to make packing lighter.



1   100_1764   100_1725   100_1865 100_1716   100_1738   100_1734100_1755   TRANSLATORS, TRANSPORATION, ETC.: NCO has established relationships in Nicaragua with the translators, van drivers, and others whose help we need to make our trips possible, so all the hard work is done.  Michaelene has made all the arrangements ahead of time as to how many translators, vans, meals, etc. we need and then will handle the payment for those while we are down there.  The translators are $25 a day per person, vans are about $80 per day, lodging is $8 per night per person, meals are $12.50 a day per person.  Michaelene has a spreadsheet with other costs broken down. (SEE ABOVE)

In general, we divide up theses costs among the team members and on average each person pays a total of $1,200 for their trip which includes EVERYTHING for the trip besides their passport.  The biggest chunk of this amount is the plane ticket of course.  Michaelene will also make all the airline arrangements.  Depending on the group size, we might use Delta Group travel services for 10 or more people (similar to a travel agency) or if it’s less she’ll just book them herself.  We always fly Delta because it is the only non-stop option and takes less than 4 hours to get there.  They only have one flight out to Nicaragua each day however.

Michaelene handles all the administrative aspects of the trip, which will hopefully make it easy on you. She just returned in February from her 11th trip so thankfully all these arrangements have come down to a standard routine and are very manageable.  She has a very good relationship with the translators and staff in Nicaragua and, while communication is slow between here and there, she does know who to ask for help and has individuals willing to help when we need it.  Claudia Baltodano, a national, is the primary organizer of our trips on the ground in Nicaragua.

100_1767   IMMUNIZATIONS: The country of Nicaragua does not require any specific vaccinations.  If you were to go to the Health Dept. or look up what the government recommends for anyone traveling to any part of Nicaragua, there would be a long list of recommendations.  Based on our experience with long-term missionaries in the area, feedback from nationals, and our own experience, we only recommend people have up-to-date Hep. A, Hep. B, and Tetanus.  Malaria is very very rare in this area, and basically unheard of.  Other parts of Nicaragua would be more prone to Malaria, which is why the government makes a blanket recommendation for that preventative.

Medical Requirements for Mission Trips to Nicaragua

Here’s a list of instructions for the medical requirements:


  1. Letter explaining the reason for the visit, activity to be carried out and expected results addressed to the General Director of Sanitary Regulation.  The letter needs to include the date and time of arrival and flight number of the team, the name of the mission team and leader, and mention services and supplies are free and offer surplus supplies will be donated to government.  Letter must be on letterhead and notarized with seal.  Use form letter provided by General Director of Sanitary Regulation and add team/church logo.
  2. List of name and positions of volunteers traveling with the medical mission.
  3. Resumes and notarized copies of the current licenses for the medical team members.  Need certificate of specialization by appropriate boards for specialists.
  4. List of medicines and medical supplies including the generic names, packaging, dosage, expiration date, amounts, total amount of the donation.  List of monetary value of the donations of medicine.  All medicines must have a shelf life of at least 12 months at time of entry into the country.  Use form provided by General Director of Sanitary Regulation and add team/church logo.
  5. Certificates of donations for the medicine donated.


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